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Who are we?

The Hubbards are a family that started in the flatlands of Illinois. But Loius L'Amour and his books convinced Jim Hubbard to sell everything he owned and become a cattle rancher in Montana.

Well, Jim soon realized that cows alone weren't going to feed his family. So being a people type person, Jim started bringing guests to his ranch. Well, pretty soon his family had grown, and they started taking guests. And after just forty years, they started to make a living doing it. So right now, the Hubbard family is inviting you to be their guest on the their Louis L'Amour inspired ranch.

Our Ranch

Our ranch is located in Tom Miner Basin, which is in Paradise Valley. We look out over the Yellowstone River towards Emigrant, MT. We are 19 miles from Yellowstone Park via car, but our ranch borders the Park to the South. From our spike camp, Shoebox, you can see the foothills outside of Livingston to the North, and Gardiner and the Roosevelt Arch to our South.

Bozeman is the nearest commercial airport. It is an hour and a half from our ranch. We can arrange for shuttle service to and from our ranch from the Bozeman airport. If you are looking up flights online, the airport code is BZN.

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